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RTrade designs cutting-edge blockchain solutions. Easily enabling any blockchain-based applications to scale in a secure and efficient manner. With our powerful infrastructure and world-class tools already developed, RTrade has proven that we are dedicated to build the most advanced blockchain technology available today.




Distributed Data Storage SolutionS Design, Implementation and Research

Interested in the next-generation of distributed data storage solutions and protocols like Arweave, SWARM, and IPFS? We can help you design and build the perfect solution saving you time and money while keeping your clients happy and bringing in new ones.


Data Archiving (Coming Soon)

Leveraging new protocols like IPFS, we are designing a first of its kind peer-to-peer data archiving solution that is adaptable, extensible, and secure.


Ethereum Smart Contract Development

Looking for someone to design the perfect smart contract for you? Our experienced solidity developer(s) we can create gas efficient smart contracts that satisfy your business needs.


IPFS, DApp, and Blockchain Solution Design and Research

Looking to make a DApp, integrate with IPFS, or one of the many blockchains out there? Leveraging our talented team that have been in the industry since the very beginning, we can help you design, and research the right technology stack to fulfill your business needs.


Blockchain Consultation

We also offer Blockchain consultation services, that can be used to fact check information given to you by other companies, and help you finalize ideas.





Next Generation Cloud Storage 

Temporal is a first-of-its-kind open-source API for distributed data storage solutions that can be easily integrated into any existing application stack, quickly and safely scaling projects with turnkey IPFS tools. Helping users and enterprises manage data as they migrate to Web 3.0. And it’s easy to see why: it’s safer and cheaper.

Enter The World’s 1st Full Service IPFS Website



RTrade technologies not only provides us with the perfect solution of decentralized storage, but also give us a fresh new outlook on how the new blockchain storage industry will perform in the next 10 years
— Charles Cao, Founder, Nebula AI
RTrade’s approach with Temporal has the potential to fundamentally change the way enterprises manage data.
— Jay Breakstone, Founder, LIQID

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